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adult circumcision preference of women - Two Women in a Amateur adult theater

In a survey where women were asked to rate their preferences when it came to different forms of sexual activity, a substantial majority of women overwhelmingly preferred men who were circumcised; for intercourse, 71 percent preferred circumcised men while only 6 percent said they preferred uncircumcised men; for fellatio, 82 percent said they preferred a circumcised penis while 2 percent . Below are the 5 advantages of male circumcision to a woman. How does Circumcision make a difference to a woman? More pleasure- About 95% of men claim that their female partners were more satisfied after they got circumcised. There are also several pieces of research that state their intimate life has been way better after the procedure.

Jul 21,  · 21 July, Women tend to prefer circumcised penises over uncircumcised penises, according to a recent Sexual Medicine review article, though the authors acknowledged several limitations and recommended further research. For centuries, aspects of the penis, such as size, have been associated with male attractiveness.