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Sep 15,  · Most gifted clients come to counseling with the typical requests for help with depression, anxiety, relationships, and family dynamics. They do not suspect that they are gifted and even resist the idea, at first. They are often aware that they don’t “fit in,” but they do not know Paula Prober. Specializing In Giftedness At TheraThrive, we specialize in counseling gifted adults, teens and children. Our Clinical Director, Dr. Grace Malonai, has lived in the world of giftedness her entire life, has studied it, and has conducted research on gifted parents (Gifted Identity Project).

Therapy can create a safe haven where gifted adults can receive the support, understanding and the appropriate challenges they need to surmount difficulties associated with giftedness. Therapy is a resource for achieving greater self-awareness and overcoming obstacles to personal growth. For information regarding fees and appointments, click here. A Gifted Adult Therapist can help gifted adults: Discover and appreciate their unique strengths, creativity, talents, and abilities Learn how to live with what they see and perceive as imperfections in themselves, others, and the world. Understand and value the full range of their intellectual, emotional, and creative experiences.

Gifted Adult Counseling will help you to discover that you have more control over your life, relationships, and destiny than you ever imagined possible. Therapy tailored to the needs of gifted, talented, and creative adults is effective for relieving emotional distress and for learning how to put your talents and abilities to work for you. Not sure whether you’re a gifted adult? No problem it’s often a matter of degree rather than a yes/no question. Take a look at the Gifted Adult Life Satisfaction Survey, as well as the list in the right-hand column. And of course, please contact me to explore your giftedness.

Counseling helps the gifted adult better understand how you’ve gotten where you are today and how to move forward into a life with more freedom, fulfillment, and integrity. It helps you to establish a direction for yourself, and it empowers you to get from here to there . Aug 03,  · Models of Counseling Gifted Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults by Sal Mendaglio & Jean Sunde Peterson (or from Amazon) Designed to help interested professionals conduct effective counseling with highly able clients, with literature review, tecniques, and case studies for .