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Dec 28,  · Dec 28,  · Every year on the second Monday of January, the Japanese celebrate Coming of Age Day, or Seijin no Hi. Sometimes called ‘Adults’ Day,’ this holiday is all about welcoming the country’s youth into adulthood. It’s an important rite of passage for all young Japanese and can trace its roots back hundreds of bottomxxx.xyz: Alicia Joy. Seijin-no-hi (Coming of Age Day) is a Japanese national holiday that occurs on every second Monday of January. Coming of Age Day or Adult's Day honors every person that has turned 20 years old over the past year. When young people reach twenty they officially become adults in Japanese society and they now have responsibilities as well as newfound liberties: such as being able to drink, smoke, go to .

Coming of Age Day (Seijin No Hi) is a rite of passage in every young person's life in Japan. It's the day they celebrate becoming an bottomxxx.xyz of Age Day is a national holiday. Residents who have turned 20 in the previous year are invited to their local city hall for a congratulatory ceremony. On January 11, local time, Japan ushered in "Adult Day", and about million "new adults" entered a new stage of life. However, due to the continuous deterioration of the new crown epidemic, the metropolitan area is in a state of emergency, which has caused a large number of "Adult Day" celebration ceremonies to be changed to online or cancelled.

Sometimes called 'Adult Day', the day honors young Japanese who will reach the age of 20 at any point in the 12 months since the start of April in the previous year. Twenty is the age of majority in Japan and people who have reached this age gain the right to vote in elections as well as to drink, smoke, and get married without parental consent. An individual celebrating their coming-of-age day in Japan. Photography by Michael Anderson. Music by Mordi. From bottomxxx.xyz