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Beck's Depression Inventory. This depression inventory can be self-scored. The scoring scale is at the end of the questionnaire. 1. 0 I do not feel sad. 1 I feel sad 2 I am sad all the time and I can't snap out of it. 3 I am so sad and unhappy that I can't stand it. 2. 0 I am not particularly discouraged about the future. Although the HAM-D form lists 21 items, the scoring is based on the first It generally takes minutes to complete the interview and score the results. Eight items are scored on a 5-point scale, ranging from 0 = not present to 4 = severe. Nine are scored .

Oct 15,  · In older adults, the Geriatric Depression Scale is also an appropriate screening tool for depression. If screening is positive for possible depression, the diagnosis should be confirmed using Cited by: When screening for depression the Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-2) can be used first (it has a 97% sensitivity and a 67% specificity). If this is positive, the PHQ-9 can then be used, which has 61% sensitivity and 94% specificity in adults. Validity has been assessed against an independent structured mental health professional (MHP) interview.