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Ellie is author of four recent books: Becoming Adult Learners: Principles and Practices for Effective Development (Teachers College Press, ), Helping Teachers Learn: Principal Leadership for Adult Growth and Development (Corwin Press, ), Leading Adult Learning: Supporting Adult Development in our Schools (Corwin/Sage, ), and Helping Cited by: Feb 08,  · Adult Development Theory –– the most important cultural concept you may not have heard of! to actually apply toward growth. It’s gaining traction in the the realm of Leadership Author: Marisol Macgregor.

Mar 12,  · Concepts covered in this book include: (1) A new model of learning-oriented leadership that can be tailored to particular settings or individuals; (2) Adult learning principles that inform teacher growth and development, and why they are essential to effective teacher development programs; (3) The Four Pillars: teaming, providing leadership Cited by: This paper presents findings from a 4-year ethnographic research study into school leadership relating to how a particular principal with a well-informed adult development perspective actually employed it through her practices in support of teacher development in a school. This work focuses on leadership, adult development, and teacher development while studying the philosophies and practices Cited by: 1.

Oct 26,  · Helping teachers learn: principal leadership for adult growth and development. () Thousand Oaks, California: Corwin Press. Drago-Severson, the author of this book, highlights twenty-five principals as they navigate the ups and downs of supporting adult learners, along with the creative strategies they practice, and the practices they employ to promote adult development. Her study Author: Cassie Pergament. Helping teachers learn: principal leadership for adult growth and development - PocketKnowledge.

The Principal Leadership Development Framework There are many theories and approaches concerning the particular skills and strategies of effective leadership, and attempting to cover each component would prove cumbersome, exhausting, and fruitless. Apr 24,  · Here are the 12 crucial leadership traits for creating a growth mindset: 1. Be open-minded. A growth mindset requires leaders to be more inclusive to .