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Apr 08,  · Re-thinking and reflecting on how you teach and how students learn isn’t a bad idea once in a while. This is true for adult learning professionals as well! In this blog, I would like to discuss adult learning styles and didactics, without dwelling too long on the difference between pedagogy and andragogy (see here for an earlier blog post). Didactics are held on Tuesday afternoon and Friday afternoon. The majority of the courses are faculty led, however there are opportunities for residents to lead lectures. The first two years of didactics focus on diagnosis, psychopharmacology, subspecialty treatments, and introductory therapeutic concepts.

Didactics & Conferences Didactics Structure. Resident didactics are held weekly on Wednesdays. This time has been protected for residents and they are required to attend from a.m. until p.m. Didactics are designed to teach the contemporary foundations of psychiatry from balanced biological, psychological, and social perspectives. Adult Didactics Basic and Clinical Neuroscience Curriculum: A faculty-run longitudinal program that covers both fundamentals to advanced basic and clinical topics throughout the year. Child Neurology Conference: A weekly conference where residents present an interesting case from the previous week's inpatient service.

Adult Neurology Residency Didactics Tons of learning takes place on rounds and one-on-one but that is never enough. The neurology lecture series consists of mandatory daily noon conferences at .