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Diverticulitis symptoms are more noticeable and include severe abdominal pain and fever. Diverticulitis can be acute or chronic. With the acute form, . May 01,  · Diverticulosis, defined as the presence of diverticula in the absence of inflammation, occurs in 5 to 10 percent of persons older than 45 years and Cited by:

Oct 15,  · Although it was rare before the 20th century, diverticular disease is now one of the most common health problems in the Western world. It’s a Author: Laura Persons. Jun 10,  · Diverticulitis is an inflammation of small, sac-like pouches (diverticuli) of the inner surface of the large intestine (colon). These pouches tend to develop with age and therefore this condition is mainly seen in the elderly. Mild cases usually can be easily treated with medication.

Jul 17,  · Diverticulitis is a painful condition caused by inflammation in pouches in the intestine. It’s most common in older adults. What foods should I avoid during an acute bout of diverticulitis? Doctors. Diverticulitis. When the pouches in your colon get infected. About half of all Americans over age 60 will have diverticulosis. Some people with diverticulosis also get diverticulitis. Diverticular disease is often seen in developed countries. It is very common in the United States, England, and Australia. People in these countries eat less fiber.

When the pouches become inflamed or infected, it leads to a sometimes very painful condition called diverticulitis. In addition to having abdominal pain, people with diverticulitis may experience.