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adult entertainment law missouri - Layah Raymore, Missouri

Missouri's yearlong dispute over what adult entertainment venues can offer — and when — is probably entering its final, decisive stage today in Jefferson City. Nov 15,  · Missouri’s tough restrictions on adult entertainment will soon spread across the country, anti-pornography activists predicted Tuesday, now that the state’s Supreme Court has decided the.

Aug 11,  · Senate Bills and were signed into law in June by Governor Jay Nixon and introduce strict new regulations on adult bookstores, video galleries, strip clubs and cabarets, throughout the state of Missouri. The Missouri law applies to strip clubs, adult video and book stores and other businesses of a sexual nature. It bans full nudity, alcohol, anyone younger than 18 and touching between semi-nude.

Missouri Passes Law Restricting "Adult" Oriented Entertainment James Tillman: Jul 12, "Some lament the spread of adult shops and bars, but argue that curtailing their activities will undermine basic American liberties. But, freedom itself is imperiled when society permits the exploitation of women.".