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Jul 26,  · Feet flatten over time due to a loss of elasticity in supporting tendons and ligaments, resulting in a lower arch and an elongation of the sole, along with a spreading of the toes. Pregnancy and weight gain can also increase your shoe size. By some estimates, feet grow as much as a half size every decade after age 40, which means it’s important to have them measured when you buy shoes . Nov 27,  · Increased body weight, which in turn reduces the arch height, thereby increasing the foot length and width. There may also be some fluid retention which leads to swelling. How your Feet “Grow” in Adulthood. As you get older, your foot shape and size will continue to change even though growth has finished.

Dec 10,  · Whuch is not the same as growth continuing to thirty. I would go with loquacious that if this is not a shoe-sizing issue then it is most likely due to increased use of the foot, which can not only create greater musculature and callouses, but also can enlarge bones (or certain parts of the bones) where the muscles attach. In a normal foot, the gait cycle (walking) begins with the arch in a flattened position, allowing the foot to be loose enough to adapt to the terrain. When the leg is perpendicular to the ground.

Feb 28,  · I guess there will always be new stuff to learn! And thank you guys for the helpful info. I will just keep spoiling her, and researching red foot care endlessly. I really could never tire of reading about tortoises anyway! Reading up on how much variation can occur in growth rates from hatchling to adulthood between individuals is good to know.