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Jan 06,  · In adults, the average hemoglobin level is slightly higher for men than it is for women. It’s measured in grams per deciliter (g/dL) of blood. Sex. Normal hemoglobin level (g/dL) Female. 12 or. Hemoglobin is made up of four protein molecules (globulin chains) that are connected together. The normal adult hemoglobin (abbreviated Hgb or Hb) molecule contains two alpha-globulin chains and two beta-globulin chains. In fetuses and infants, beta chains are not common and the hemoglobin molecule is made up of two alpha chains and two gamma chains.

The amount of hemoglobin in the blood averages 12 to 16 g/ ml in women, 14 to 18 g/ ml in men, and somewhat less in children. Hemoglobin is a crystallizable, conjugated protein consisting of heme and globin. In the lungs, 1 g of hemoglobin combines readily with cc of oxygen by oxygenation to form oxyhemoglobin. Oct 08,  · Hemoglobin (sometimes abbreviated as Hb) is a complex protein found in red blood cells that contains an iron molecule. The main function of hemoglobin is to carry oxygen from the lungs to the body tissues, and to exchange the oxygen for carbon dioxide, and then carry the carbon dioxide back to the lungs and where it is exchanged for oxygen.

Feb 26,  · A normal hemoglobin level for women ranges between 12 to 16 g/dL, whereas it is 14 to g/dL for men and to g/dL for children, depending on their age. However, a physiological increase or decrease in normal hemoglobin limits could be attributed to factors like pregnancy, full-term infancy, smoking, altitude, and even ethnicity. Oct 03,  · HbA stands for adult hemoglobin, which is an α2β2 tetramer. It is an iron-containing red blood cell protein responsible for the transportation of oxygen from the lung to the body tissues and organs, and transportation of carbon dioxide from body tissues to the lung.

The average adult male has about 1, mg of stored iron (enough for about three years), whereas women on average have only about mg (enough for about six months). When iron intake is chronically low, stores can become depleted, decreasing hemoglobin levels. When iron stores are exhausted, the condition is called iron depletion. Sep 22,  · Normally low hemoglobin counts A slightly low hemoglobin count isn't always a sign of illness — it can be normal for some people. Women with menstrual periods and pregnant women commonly have low hemoglobin counts. Low hemoglobin counts .