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Aug 15,  · Ichi the Killer transports us to the seedy underbelly of Tokyo - a world dominated by vice and yakuza. However, this is no ordinary adult manga yakuza story. What we have here is a tale about two individuals who commit extremely cruel and violent . Here is a list of 18 Best Romance Eroticism Smut Josei and Adult Manga Like Sweet Punishment or Manga Similar to Amai Choupatsu that you can check-out. There is a latest short anime series joining the list of ecchi smut adult romance anime, which is Shuudengo, Capsule Hotel de, Joushi ni Binetsu Tsutawaru Yoru., be sure to check it out.

Our MC Saichi Sugimoto is the Immortal, and his gang goes across the North of Japan in the Meiji era, as they face Yakuza and criminals in a dangerous treasure hunt for a hidden stash of gold. The name yakuza originates from the traditional Japanese card game Oicho-Kabu, a game in which the goal is to draw three cards adding up to a score of bottomxxx.xyz the sum of the cards exceeds 10, its second digit is used as the score instead, and if the sum is exactly 10, the score is 0. If the three cards drawn are (pronounced ya-ku-sa in Japanese), the sum is 20 and therefore the score is Founded: 17th century, (presumed to have .