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titling the account as a burial fund; or: signing a statement saying — how much has been set aside for burial expenses, — for whose burial the money is set aside, — how the money has been set aside, and — the date you first considered the money set aside for burial expenses. TDGB TOTD: The real back to work edition - One day Dev can start this thread again Power back on at work, so here we are, holding day 3 of 7. Played some PUBG y.

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Christmas Toy Drive Letter. Send this letter when you are asking people to donate to a toy drive for Christmas. Depending on the details of the toy drive, you might include information such as what toys you are requesting, when people should donate and where they can drop off donations. 8. A canoe rental service charges a $20 transportation fee and $30 dollars an hour to rent a canoe. Write and graph an equation representing the cost, y, Of renting a canoe for x hours. What is the cost of rentirg the canoe for 6 hours? 9. A caterer charges $ to cater a party for 15 people and $ for 25 people.

To help support our community during these challenging and unprecedented times, the City is offering a variety of online programming for free to all residents – helping support their physical, mental and emotional well-being while practicing physical distancing.. Share your workout routines and boredom busters on social media using #MarkhamCares! Aug 31,  · BONUS TOTD: Activist and Santa which praised Gascón in a statement for his opposition to transferring juveniles to adult court and his efforts to “keep kids out of the justice system.