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If you’re an adult skater, the Balanced Skaters Program will help you improve your injury resistance, gain a competitive edge, and improve your jump technique- even when you can’t get to the rink. Using our follow-along videos, you’ll be able to complete our minute workouts from home without needing any specialized equipment. Feb 02,  · Still skating is the best sport ever. It may break your bones, but it never breaks your heart! So, fellow recreational/adult skaters, how did you fare your first time back on the ice after the lockdown (or after any long break from skating)?

Aug 04,  · This is an adult-only social skating program offered exclusively for skaters 18 years and older. Ice Café is open to beginner and recreational skaters or those wanting to brush up on their current skills. Chandler Program Features: Every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday starting Aug 4,; am - pm; minute session. All Year FSC adult skaters are competitors, testing skaters, first time skaters and recreational skaters who enjoy being involved in club events. Their common thread is not only a passion for the sport but a desire to continue skating.

Adult skaters tend to take more personal responsibility for their skating than younger skaters. This means you’re actively interested in the “why” behind everything you do on the ice. You want to understand what you’re coach is trying to get you to do, and you want to understand how to do it better. Nov 25,  · The Aspire edge class her program introduced in September for adults between Adult 4 and Adult 6 levels of Learn to Skate USA included six skaters, with the oldest just turning 70 years old. “We started off with edge work, edges on a circle, and grew to .

PFSC supports an encouraging environment for our adult skaters. The Pasadena ice rink holds adult clinic workshops, private lessons, and testing sessions. Our adult skaters frequently compete at U.S. Figure Skating and ISI competitions. Nov 13,  · Aspiring and accomplished adult figure skaters alike will enjoy the fresh air and wide-open ice of Wollman Rink in Central Park for this special evening program. The evening starts with an organized off-ice stretch and warm-up, followed by the on-ice session from 7 - pm. Between and pm all skaters will participate in one of two.