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FanFiction | unleash Spread like a sinful feather across the sleek duvet Claire Bennet lay naked. Her eminent locks flowed to her pert breasts, the alluring tuft of blonde hidden between the crossed, diffusive legs only a taster of what lay beneath. the adult comprehended that this was a 'plan' that had long been in the making and only. The first time Niki Sanders saw Claire Bennet, the girl's face was tear-streaked as her father held her. The first time Niki Sanders actually met Claire Bennet, she'd been a widow for six years and Claire Bennet was working for Noah Bennet, resident scary son of a bitch manager of Niki's branch of the Company. "Your father once told me he'd never let you work in the Company.".

(Heroes FanFic) THIS HAPPENS VOLUME 4 "Fugitives" Lyra Gray is a year-old who just became a paramedic with Peter Petrelli. May 28,  · Lyle has spent much of his adult life writing books about Claire's life. They're pretty popular. Only problem? Claire doesn't know about them, and now Lyle has to go home for Christmas AU after 4x Claire Bennet (Heroes TV ) (22) Gretchen Berg (19) Peter Petrelli (12) Sylar | Gabriel Gray (11) Noah Bennet (Heroes TV ) (10).

Tags. No Archive Warnings Apply; Claire Bennet (Heroes TV )/Original Male Character(s) Claire Bennet (Heroes TV ) Fandom Kombat ; Don't copy to another site. In the eyes of those who do not know the world of Claire Bennet it may seem perfect, complete, normal. His friends may think that because of her power she does not feel any kind of .

After Sylar scalps Claire and gains her power the Bennet family move to the small, rainy town of Forks where she meets a suspicious family even more different to regular people than she is. One of the members of this family, Edward Cullen catches her attention leading the pair to . Claire Bennet-Rutherford's year marriage is on the rocks when her husband takes up with a younger woman or an older woman. Claire isn't sure. Nothing in her life has ever made sense.