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"A reliable, easy-to-use condom." Best Value: Trojan Condom ENZ Lubricated at Amazon "For an affordable price, you get 36 lubricated latex condoms." Best Latex-Free: Durex Avanti Bare RealFeel Non-Latex Condom at Walmart "Latex-free and made of polyisoprene." Best Flavored: Durex Tropical Flavors Condom at Amazon "A variety of 'tropical' flavors.". Dec 13,  · You still have good sensation, and the numbing lube prolongs this enough for Her to get going. my new choice of condom." 2 of Natural Latex Condoms. Sustain Natural bottomxxx.xyz: Mario Abad.

Jul 26,  · Using a condom can also give the sex toy a whole new sensation. You may find it helpful to get something like the Durex Pleasure Pack, which includes a variety of popular Durex bottomxxx.xyz: Sian Ferguson. Through numerous iterations, we have designed, developed and patented a revolutionary new condom called the Galactic Cap. It is the world’s first condom that fits safely and securely on the head of the penis. Since inception, we have raised $k on Indiegogo and refined our design. Today, the Galactic Cap has partnered with California State University, Long Beach Engineering Department for research .