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Dec 03,  · Face swelling is the enlargement or distention of the face due to fluid buildup or inflammation in the facial tissues. Swelling can occur anywhere on the face, but it is most noticeable on the lips, cheeks and eyelids. Swelling can also extend to the neck region. Facial swelling may also be referred to as facial edema. Facial edema, also known as facial swelling, can occur in a number of diseases and conditions 1. According to MedlinePlus, individuals should monitor their symptoms to determine the cause of facial edema in addition to other associated symptoms, such as pain, fever, breathing difficulties and red eyes. Although most common causes of facial edema do not require attention, a medical professional should be contacted if swelling .

Aug 27,  · Facial swelling on one side explained Your face is feeling a bit strange, so you quickly find a mirror. Much to your dismay, you realize you're right — one side of your face is swollen. Facial inflammation and swelling can come from many different parts of the face and may vary in size, severity, and level of discomfort. Lymphedema (Swelling) If you have radiation or surgery for your head and neck cancer, you will be at risk of developing lymphedema, or swelling, in your face, head, neck or nearby areas. Lymphedema is very common, with up to 75% of patients experiencing symptoms after treatment for their cancer. What Causes Lymphedema? The lymph system is made.

Oct 16,  · Food, medications, insect or bee stings, and even infections can cause allergic reactions that lead to facial swelling. Facial swelling due to a serious allergic reaction can be dangerous if the.