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condoms and lube - Sabrinas big tits get lubed and fucked soundly

Jan 03,  · If flavored condoms aren't your thing, just try a traditional condom and add a flavored lube. Be mindful of using water- and silicone- based lubes with latex condoms, as . Silicone-based lubricants are also okay to use with condoms. They are more slippery than water-based lubricants, and also last longer, though they can be more expensive. Oil-based lubricants, in particular, are problematic, and must never be used with latex condoms. The oil breaks down the latex and makes the condoms easier to break.  .

Jun 10,  · Every year the health department, through the NYC Safer Sex Portal, gives out about 30 million male condoms, internal condoms, and lubricant packs to Author: Shaye Weaver. That you shouldn’t use an oil (or petroleum-)based lube with a latex condom is common knowledge — everyone just seems to know that if you’re using a condom .

Nov 30,  · Lubricated condoms are the latex condoms you find most often in drugstores. They may be lubricated with spermicides or a non-spermicidal personal lubricant. Some people find that lubricated condoms are easier to manage and put on than non-lubricated condoms. However, most lubricated condoms don't contain enough lubricant for sex. The Health Department's NYC Condom Availability Program gives away more than 30 million free safer sex products every year to over 3, locations throughout the five boroughs. These free products include male NYC Condoms, internal condoms (FC2) and lubricant. Learn more about the history of the NYC Condom Availability Program (PDF).

The definition of ‘safe sex’ has changed this year and barrier protection is important now more than ever. Royal’s Modern Day Sex Kit is the safest way to reduce risk of transmission for those who are making the decision to have sex. The Kit is equipped with condoms, lubricant.