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Facial plastic surgery is performed to reshape structures in the head and neck — typically the nose, ears, chin, cheekbones and neckline. People seeking this surgery may be motivated by a desire to reconstruct the face after an injury or disease or to change a feature present from birth. Or they may want to reverse the signs of aging, remove contour irregularities or make the features of the face . Facial plastic and reconstructive surgery is an important area of treatment performed to restore or correct function to damaged tissue in the head and neck area. People may seek reconstructive surgery for a variety of reasons such as injury, disease or birth defect.

Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery The Johns Hopkins Center for Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery brings together a team of board-certified facial plastic surgeons committed to world class facial cosmetic surgery, facial reconstruction and rehabilitation. Facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons specialize in surgery of the face, head, and neck. They perform a variety of facial plastic surgery procedures both for cosmetic reasons (to improve appearance) and reconstruction (to restore form and function).

Universally recognized as the standard reference in the field, Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery returns in a new edition with the current information on the latest innovations for patient management. This edition retains the comprehensive scope of earlier editions and features new chapters on anti-aging medicine, ambulatory surgery considerations, autologous fat /5(7). Additionally, the chapter layout and organization of the Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Study Guide allows the reader to focus on just those topics relevant to the board exam, making it a must-have for anyone preparing to take the exam.

Certifying surgeons exclusively in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. Established in , the ABFPRS is dedicated to improving the quality of facial plastic surgery available to the public by measuring the qualifications of candidate surgeons against certain rigorous standards. Plastic surgery procedure of the nose. Reconstructive surgery may be performed to improve the form or functions of the nose. Cosmetic rhinoplasty procedures improve the appearance or shape of the nose. Reconstructive Surgery. Reconstructive surgery involves the correction of congenital, traumatic and post-surgical deformities. Patients with skin cancer may also require facial .