Oughhh so swollen and wet - swollen and sore breast


swollen and sore breast - Oughhh so swollen and wet

Sep 10,  · Less commonly, breast cancers can cause breast swelling, particularly the type of breast cancer known as inflammatory breast cancer. In this case, there is usually associated warmth, pain or tenderness, and redness of the breast. Breast swelling can also be due to lymphedema, or the buildup of lymphatic fluid in tissues. Breast swelling is an enlargement due to elective cosmetic surgery. Postoperative breast infection (mastitis), breast abscess or allergic reactions may be possible and can cause further breast swelling with breast pain, tenderness or soreness.

Jun 18,  · While breast swelling and tenderness are more often linked with pregnancy, breastfeeding, and premenstrual syndrome (PMS), they are also common symptoms of menopause. As such, the majority of women will experience breast pain and swelling at some point, making it of the utmost importance that they understand their exact implications. Aug 07,  · Breast infection How to identify: Your breast will probably feel warm and look red, as well as being swollen and painful. There may be redness in a wedge shape radiating from the nipple. Author: PJ Hamel.