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smoked chicken breast seasoning - Chicken girl makes eggs

May 07,  · Pound chicken breasts flat, about 1/2'' thick. Rub dry rub all over chicken breasts. Place chicken breasts on smoker. Insert temperature probe into middle of chicken breasts. Smoked Chicken Breasts. - Prep / Cook Beginner. The smoky flavor of oak or hickory wood chunks and sweet and tangy barbecue sauce come together for tender, juicy and flavorful smoked chicken breasts. Seasoning Blend. 1 tablespoon salt ; 1 tablespoon black pepper Cuisine: American.

Nov 11,  · The juiciest chicken breasts you’ll ever make. By the way.. the rub is optional, and the chicken breasts still turn out AMAZING. The first time I made smoked chicken breasts this way I was blown away by how moist they were. As you can see, it doesn’t take much to make smoked chicken breasts .