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Dec 08,  · Summa cum laude The pinnacle of Latin honor awards is the summa cum laude distinction, which translates to "with the highest honor." Typically awarded to the top 1% to 5% of graduates, summa cum laude is an incredibly impressive distinction that will make you stand out from your peers post-graduation. Mar 06,  · Since cum laude, magna cum laude and summa cum laude are Latin phrases, you should use italics when listing these honors. These phrases should also be lowercase. You may find some examples and style guides that do not require you to italicize Latin honors, but using italics is the safer option. Plus, italics will help these words stand out.

If you graduate Magna Cum Laude or Summa Cum Laude, these are special honors worthy of noting on your resume. Including these distinctions on your resume is important because such honors show your work ethic and commitment to excellence, qualities employers are always looking for in candidates. Summa cum laude Have a scholastic average for their entire undergraduate career of or above To qualify for honors, a student must have earned at least 60 semester hours within the University of Nebraska system, 30 hours of which must be completed at the University of Nebraska Omaha and in which letter grades of “A,” “B,” “C.

Summa Cum Laude: minimum cumulative GPA of Graduation honors are based on all work completed at Minnesota State University, Mankato, as well as applicable transfer credits, by March 15 of the academic year for May commencement, and by Nov. 1 for December commencement. The Honors College Commencement Ceremony is a celebratory event held prior to Eastern Michigan University’s fall and spring commencement ceremonies. Summer graduates may participate in the spring honors college ceremony if they wish. During the ceremony, you will receive your honors college medallion and graduation certificate.