I have a big cock - i have a fart fetish girl


i have a fart fetish girl - I have a big cock

I have a fart fetish as well and I told my girlfriend after a couple of months together. She was supportive and actually didn't mind it because now she doesn't need to hold her farts in anymore. She will fart whenever she needs to. Sometimes also during sex. Feb 23,  · This sexual fetish is known as eproctophilia and it is characterized by fart-lust, people who are turned on by the sound, smell, or discharge that comes from a fart. The idea of people getting off on smells is not uncommon, many people get aroused and derive sexual pleasure from smells especially body odors.

NOT ALONE!! I agree with everything except the smell is my fav part, one time my girl was trying to fart in my face so hard, because she ate taco bell and her farts were very stinky, i was in heaven they were loud and very foul, and then she was running out of farts, so she pushed as hard as she could and tacos gave her diahrea. I'm a 23 year old girl and me and my guy bestfriend have a fart fetish. It all started 2 years ago when we went out for a heavy Indian dinner which got me gassy and bloated and that's where we discovered we both have a fart fetish. It's really wei.

Um well my girlfriend has a fart fetish and she wants to have me lay down while she farts on my face and she also wants to fart on my dick then penetrate her *** then take it out so she can do it again then put it back in her ***. Aug 20,  · Awhile back there was a girl I dated for several months and I thought she was just amazing. She was pretty, sweet, trusting, just about all the best qualities there is to find in a human being. I was really crazy about her and I wanted her to know about my fart fetish before anything serious between us started.

I have a fart fetish ive been looking for someone to love me for who i am and not think im weird. The smell of farts turn me on. Never knew why. men or women. Maybe here is where id finally find someone hopefully i can at least try. With all these girl farts and people passing gas, social and physical distancing is even more important to avoid the smells! But nothing says we still can't.