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can you get hivaids using a condom - Tributes welcome. You can get more of this if u tribute me

Apr 14,  · Assuming the latex or polyurethane condom was used properly and did not fail (break), your HIV risk would be essentially nonexistent. HIV cannot permeate intact latex or polyurethane. Aug 04,  · I’d like to know if it’s true that condoms are not a safe method to avoid getting HIV AIDS. I heard that the size of the virus AIDS is smaller than the spaces of a condom and therefore, it’s possible that people are getting infected even with the use of a condom. No, it’s not true. HIV is a virus that is carried in blood, semen, and.

Nov 28,  · According to sexologist Dr. V Raina, there is always a risk of transmission when you have sex with an HIV-positive person. While wearing a condom can reduce your chances of contracting STD, any. Jan 01,  · Used correctly and consistently, condoms can prevent HIV infection and save lives. Condoms are currently the only available means of preventing the sexual transmission of HIV .

Condoms also protect against other STIs. Oil-based lubricants should not be used with latex condoms, as they can cause the latex to break down and could allow HIV/AIDS to pass through. Natural membrane condoms may also allow the HIV/AIDS virus to pass through. More About this Book. Condoms When used the right way every time, condoms are highly effective in preventing HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). If condoms are paired with other option like PrEP or ART, they provide even more protection.

Aug 12,  · A condom is not % effective against any STD (sexually transmitted disease), but it is effective enough as long as you use the condom properly. If the person you are with is HIV+ (positive), then you have to be careful when it comes to saliva and blood and any body fluids. Oct 27,  · yes even if you use a condom you can still get AIDS and HIV if it rips Stoked44 9 years ago yes, if there is a hole in it, or if u have a cut "down there" and u get "stuff" in the cut.